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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Taggie Blankets $5 UPDATED 06/10/12

These blankets are the perfect gift for a newborn baby. They make great little lovelys for them to carry around. You can also hook links onto the ribbons and put toys on them. Babies love all the different textures and Mom loves that its small, easy to throw in a diaper bag or carseat and won't get dragged on the floor like a favorite blanket when they begin walking. If your looking for a certain color to theme let me know and we can work it out! Happy Shopping!

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 Girls Red Flowers with Bright Blue Minki QTY 1
 Girls Black, Off White, Hot Pink with Black Minki QTY 2
 Girls Bright colored cupcakes with bright blue minki qty 2
 Girls Flower pattern with brown minki qty 1
 Girls Black,Pink, Blue Off White flowers with Black Minki QTY 3
 Girls Green, Brown, Pale Blue Orange and Pink with green Minki QTY 3
Boys Tan with red navy and green starts and brown minki qty 3
 Girls Grey with Light Pink Minki QTY 1
 Girls Brown Elephant with Light Green Minki QTY 1
 Girls flowers and Butterflies with Pink polka dot minki QTY 1
 Girls Princess with purple minki QTY 1
 Red, Navy and Blue with Red Minki QTY 1
 Boys Robots with Black Minki QTY 1 SOLD 1
 Brown Polka dots with Orange Minki QTY 2
Brown Flowers with light pink minki QTY 1
Utah Utes with Red Minki QTY 3 Sold 3 Can special Order

 Utah Utes with black Minki QTY 1

BYU with Tan Minki QTY 2

 PS Blankets are made with Cotton and Soft Minki Cuddle fabric!

1 comment:

  1. So we really like the Taggie blankets that you have, we are thinking of getting one for Devin. Would you be willing to make a BYU one for the 5 bucks?