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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Monday, January 17, 2011

Wood Crafts

 Valentine Coversation Hearts $16 (these are custom made so may take a few days to complete)
U and Y    These are $10 each and custom made only. I didn;t love the Y color as much next time I think I would go dark blue or tan...whatever you want~!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

NEW Flower Headbands $3 each

Updated sold items as of 01/21/11 9pm

SO I have to admit I am over the top excited about these darling new headbands. I could make and wear them all day long...Needless to say I think My daughter and I are going to be fighting over who gets to wear which one.

These darling headbands are $3 each and such a steal! You can email your orders to and just include the item descirption listed below the picture. I also can ship to you for an additional charge. Plus everyone who orders is getting and extra freebie from me!
 Black and Pink Head bands SOLD
2 on stretch elastic SOLD
3 on black headbands SOLD
 1 Green/Purple on white headband
1 Brown Polka dot, Yellow Button, on pink headband
2 Blue/Green on White headbands SOLD 1
 5 Black, White and Purple on stretch elastic headband SOLD
 1 Green on white headband
2 Tan, Blue, Green, Pink on white headband SOLD 1
 2 Brown, Red, Blue on Brown Headbands SOLD
 1 Green with Brown multi colored Polka dots on brown headband
 3 Brown Polka dot with green and blue SOLD 2 (1 LEFT)
(If you want the one with polka dot on top please specify)SOLD
 2 Black/White black buttons on black headbands SOLD
2 Black/White Grey Buttons on grey stretch headband SOLD
 2 Black, White, Red on red head bands SOLD
 2 Brown multi colored starts on pink headband
 2 Pale Pink on white headbands SOLD 1
 2 Brown Polka Dot with Green Buttons on pink headbands
1 Brown Polka Dot Small FLower with pink headband (Bottom Left) SOLD
1 Brown Polka Dot Yellow Button on pink headband
 2 Green and light pink on white headbands
 1 Tan on brown headband SOLD
1 tan on white headband
Random Flowers on Hair clips $1 each

1 Small Pink Flower SOLD
1 Large Pink Flower
1 Utah flower SOLD
1 Brown Flower

If you want one that is sold out most likely I can still make it for you. Just send me a message.

CLEARANCE HAIR STUFF .50 Cents Each!!!!!

UPDATED as of 01/15/10 3pm
Below are the clearance hair items I have they are 50 cents each and have a description of each underneath. Please email me your order to Please include item name. I will also ship to you if needed.
 Orange Daisy SOLD, Yellow Daisy  SOLD , Small Yellow Daisy PEnding, White Rose Pending
 3 Green Pink and Brown Ribbon Flowers Pending
 1 Pink/blue Ribbon Flower Pending
 2 Yellow Ribbon Flowers SOLD
1 Pink/Blue Flowers Ribbon Flower Pending
1 Bright Green Ribbon Flower Pending
 1 Purple/Blue Argyle Ribbon Flower Pending
3 Green sparkle Ribbon Flowers SOLD 2 Pending 1
2 White Daisy SOLD
1 HOT PINK small flower SOLD
1 Yellow pretty daisy SOLD

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Fabric Flowers

 I have been having lots of fun make these new fabric flowers. I made them for headbands, hair clips and also to use as pins! eNJOY!