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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

$1 FLOWERS $2 Notebooks and MORE!!! Updated 06/22/12

 Below is my current sales going on. You won't want to miss out! Email your orders to Let me know if you have any questions and Thanks for looking!

I do ship orders as well!


Mini Notebooks $2 Each 

ALL $1 Flower CLIPS  (on sale now for .50 cents each) Limited to supplies on hand only

Please specific what flower and how many you'd like to purchase.

Brown QTY 1
Black QTY 0
Green QTY 9
Pink QTY 0
Blue QTY 0
Off white QTY 1
Dark Purple QTY 0
Yellow QTY 0
Green Polka Dot QTY 5
Pink Polka Dot QTY 3

 Hawaiian Flowers:

Yellow QTY 0
Orange QTY 0
Light Pink QTY 6
Maroon/Pink QTY 0
Green QTY 0
Off White QTY 2
White QTY 0
Purple QTY 0
Black QTY 0
Brown QTY 3
Green Polka Dot QTY 5

 Zebra Print Daisies:

Black and White QTY 3
Yellow and Black QTY 1
Pink and Black QTY 0
Brown and Black QTY 0
Orange and Black QTY 1
Green and Black QTY 1
Salmon and Black QTY 1
Blue and Black QTY 1

Fabric Flowers $1 Each NOW .50 CENTS EACH
Please email me the photo number, description of flower and qty.

Yellow Flower QTY 1
Green Fireworks QTY 2
Pink Fireworks QTY 3 SOLD 3
Hot Pink/Black Zebra Fireworks QTY 1 SOLD 1
Hunter Green Firework QTY 1
Brown with multi-colors firework QTY 1

White with pastel color flowers QTY 3 (Specify if you want button or jewel)
Orange fireworks QTY 3 SOLD 3
Hot Pink Firework QTY 1 SOLD 1
Pink, Green, Off White Striped Firework QTY 1

Pastel Fireworks QTY 5 SOLD 2
Pink, Black, White with Black on top fireworks QTY 2 SOLD 2
Pink, Black, White with Pink on top fireworks QTY 5 SOLD 4

 Photo #4

Grey with Pink, Green & Blue Firework QTY 1
Brown with bright colors firework QTY 1
Bright Blue/Aqua firework QTY 1
Green firework QTY 1
Black Zebra & purple firework QTY 1
Brown, Blue, Green, Orange Firework QTY 1 SOLD 1
Red, White, & Blue fireworks QTY 2 SOLD 2
 Photo #5

Black, Pink and Grey fireworks QTY 3 SOLD 2
Zebra fireworks QTY 2
White, purples, pinks and green fireworks QTY 1 SOLD 1
 Photo #6

Green Polka dot ribbon flower QTY 1
Purple Firework QTY 1
Brown and bright colors flowers QTY 2
Green ribbon flowers QTY 2
Off white flowers QTY 2 SOLD 2

Photo #7

Light Blue Flowers QTY 3 SOLD 3
Light Purple Flower QTY 1 SOLD 1
Light Green Flower QTY 2 (Please specify with jewel or button)
Off white and light blue QTY 2 SOLD 2

 Photo #8

Aquamarine flower QTY 3 SOLD 2
Brown with polka dots QTY 1
Yellow fireworks QTY 2 SOLD 2
Brown and Green fireworks QTY 2

Photo #9

Brown and multi colors QTY 2
Green with pink top pastel firework QTY 1
Pink with green top pastel firework QTY 1
Pink fireworks QTY 2 Sold 2

 Photo #10

Brown Flowers QTY 8 (Please specify jewel or button)
Black white and pink fireworks QTY 5 SOLD 5
Black Zebra with bright pink firework QTY 1

$1 Headbands...normally $2
 CROCHET HEADBANDS:  only have these colors left

 Yellow, Light Purple, Off White , Orange & Red
 Lace Infant Headbands *are interchangeable with any bow/flower

Black  QTY 1
White QTY 0
Brown QTY 4