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Monday, October 15, 2012


I have been busy working on getting this blog all updated with my current inventory. Make sure to check out all the pages as you will see even more current items. I also have all the items with links listed to the right. Email your orders to Thanks for looking!

Large Clipboards $7 UPDATED 11/26/12

Large Clipboards. Great for many uses. My personal favorite they are a great homework motivator! Email what item description you want to 
 Things that move
 Purple/pinkish and Black

Small Clipboards $5 UPDATED 11/26/12

Small clipboards. Great to leave in the car, for recipes in the kitchen, by your bed for quick notes,  and for many other uses. To order email me the item description to 

 Pink and Black Stars
 Blue and Black Stars
 Green Black and White
 Dark and Light Pink and Green
 Green and Pink
Red and Black

Flannel Bags $5 each UPDATED 11/26/12

Darling flannel purse bags. My daughter loves to use hers for multiple uses. Email what bags you want to 

Cupcakes QTY 2
Yellow and Pink Daisies.
Purple and Yellow Daises

Blue and dark brown owls ( sorry for the bad camera phone pictures will update soon) QTY 2

Cupcakes and Pink Polka dots.

Mini Notebooks $2 Updated 11/12/12

These mini notebooks always prove to be a big hit. They are perfect for so many things. Great to throw in a purse, diaper bag, car, desk, bag, etc. Little girls love carrying around fancy notebooks too. They make great gifts too. Email me the photo number and what notebook to to order.


Purse Notebooks $6 Updated 11/26/12

Darling Purse notebooks. Cute to carry around and extra fun for taking notes, making lists or writing in a journal. Little girls will go nuts over the fact that its a purse and a notebook in one. Email the Notebook description to to order.

 Green and Purples
 Brown and Off white Polka Dots
 Brown and Off white Damask
 Brown and Off white Polka Dots Brown Handles
 Black and Hot Pink withWhite Polka Dots

Maroon Pink and Greens

 Black and Purple
 Black and Off White LaFluers
 Brown and Pink

Notebook/Journals $6 Updated 11/26/12

These notebooks are so fun for many uses. They are great for taking notes, writing in a journal, carrying around, etc. You name it it works. Email the item description to to order.  

 Purple, Pink and Blue Butterflys
 Peace Signs
 Pink with Butterflys and flowers

Black and purple zebra
 Brown and Yellow
 Pirate Sh9ips
 Green and Pink Flowers
 Blue and Green Butterflys qty 2

 Things that move qty 2
 Blue, Red, Green Stars
 Brown and Pink

 Soccer 2 Avaliable

 Dinosaurs 2 avaliable

 Pink and Black Zebra
 Pink and Green Butterflys