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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Bookmarks $2 each

Book Marks $2 each. Makes a great Gift!! Below is a picture of how cute it is marking pages in your book!

 1 Blue Brown & Green
 2 Aqua
 3 Brown & Blue Stars
 4 Strips & Flowers in Brown, Maroon, Yellow & Blue
 5 Aqua with Flowers
 6 Brown, Purple & Tan
 7 Black and white with Red Flower
8 Cupcakes with Pink Flower
9 Brown & Tan Polka Dots with Green Flower
10 Black White and Pink
11 Brown and Off white
12 Blue, Green & Brown
13 Multi Color Polka Dots
14 Multi Color Polka Dots
15 Green, Blue & Brown
16, 17, 18 Off White with Green and Blue
19 &20 Cupcakes
21 Brown, Off white and Green